Groupboard iPad/iPhone/Android Mobile Apps Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I connect to a specific Groupboard?

2. How do I upload images?

Simply press the Upload button in the Load page. The Load button is in the drawing tools popup on iOS, and a menu option in Android.

3. How do I log into my Groupboard from a Mac/PC?

Simply go to (replacing xyz with the board id). You should also see this link at the top of the app, unless you have switched it off. You can find the board id in the Connect tab.

4. How do I log into my board as admin / what is the admin password?

When you first use Groupboard it will create a free 5-user Groupboard with a random admin password, which is stored in your bookmarks (in the Connect->Find Boards page). Although you can't see the password, you will be automatically logged in as administrator when you connect, and you should see an Admin tab (to the right of Connect). If you want more control over your admin password, simply register a free board.

5. Why is my Groupboard not listed in the Find Boards page?

The Find Boards page only shows Groupboard which the owner has ticked the 'make board visible in search/listings' (in Admin->Board Info). Note that by default Groupboards are not visible, so you must tick this option if you want your Groupboard to be visible to other people in the Find Boards page.

6. How do I password-protect my Groupboard?

Go to Admin->Board Info and you can enter a password for your Groupboard.

7. How do I get rid of the adverts?

The adverts are only shown in the free Groupboards. Simply go to Connect->Create New Board to register for a free trial of the full version.

8. How do I get more features?

Simply go to Connect->Create New Board and you can register for a free trial of the full version of Groupboard, which has no adverts, unlimited support and higher user/picture limits. You can also set up a trial for Groupboard Designer, which has features such as multiple pages, document upload, infinite pan/zoom, undo/redo, move/select/delete, laser pointer, etc.

9. How do I block users

Simply log in as administrator (see above), and you should see a Ban button in the chat window. To ban a user, simply click on their name in the Chat window and then click Ban. You can unban a user by going to Admin->Edit Banlist. For more options, such as the ability to ban a range of ip addresses, simple create a new free board and then log in as admin on a PC/Mac and click 'Ban List'.

10. Why do users on certain devices see a larger whiteboard area?

The issue is that different devices have different screen resolutions and aspect ratios. In the Groupboard iOS and Android apps we scale the whiteboard to be roughly the same size as the web version, although if your device is in portrait orientation then you will obviously get a different whiteboard size to the web version.

It is possible to launch the Groupboard app with a specific width/height from a web page: simply use a uri like "groupboard://" (replace 1 with your board id, name and password are optional).

11. Why do I get an error message on Android after expanding the whiteboard a few times?

The problem is that Android has a per-process memory limit of about 48 or 64MB per app. Even if your device has 2GB of RAM, each process can only use a fraction of that (see Android issue 14869). If you want an infinite sized whiteboard with no memory issues, try Groupboard Designer (enter board id 1577 in the Connect page to connect to the Groupboard Designer demo).

12. How do I launch the app automatically from a web page?

Use the following URI:


(replace 12345 with your board id). Optionally pass in a username and/or password:


Note that you might not be able to type these URIs into your mobile browser. Instead you should put the link into a webpage and click on the link.