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By filling in this form you will be able to put a free Groupboard onto your web page.

The only limitations on this version are the number of users logged on and pictures/messages saved are limited. The full version, which has fewer limitations and does not have any advertising banners, costs from $9.99 per month. For more information, go to the licensing page.

You may also want to check out Groupboard Designer, which has a more advanced online whiteboard with features such as pan/zoom, select/cut/paste/move/delete, clickable icons, laser pointer, multiple pages, and other features. Groupboard Designer costs from $19.99/month.

After your Groupboard is set up, you can change the settings of your Groupboard by logging into your admin page and choosing "Board Info".

Choose one or more tools to put on your Groupboard (REQUIRED):

Whiteboard    : 
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(you will probably want whiteboard and chat or games and chat). Note that you can also add or remove these tools after setting up your Groupboard.

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(This is the password needed by any users accessing your board.

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(If you log on to your Groupboard with this password, you will have the ability to ban users, delete pictures, etc.)

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