Groupboard Product Comparison

 GroupboardGroupboard DesignerGroupworld
CostFree for 5 usersFrom US$19.99/monthFrom US$24.99/month
Can be copied into your own webpage using an iframe and customized using a control paneltickticktick
Real-time whiteboard and chattickticktick
Works with graphics tablets such as Wacom/Huiontickticktick
Optional TLS/SSL/AES encryption on all data sent to/from servertickticktick
Persistent whiteboard (contents remain after all users have logged off)tickticktick
User interface translated into Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Finnish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabictickticktick
Full HTML5 client - no plugins requiredtickticktick
Advert free ticktick
Rich API ticktick
Infinite whiteboard area ticktick
Ability to import Powerpoint, Excel, Word, Tiff and PDF files to the whiteboard ticktick
Optional math tutoring tools: graph plotter, protractor, graph paper, equation editor, ruler ticktick
Advanced whiteboard features: select/move/delete, pan, zoom, undo, multiple pages ticktick
Optional username/password authentication: create a list of users who can login to your web conference rooms, with different usernames and passwords  tick
Copy/paste and drag/drop with external applications, pdf export, and ability to edit text on the whiteboard  tick
Web conferencing features: video, audio, screen sharing, polling and synchronized youtube video sharing  tick
Shared rich-text editor and code editor  tick
Record the entire conferencing session for later playback  tick
Create multiple separate web conferencing rooms simply by changing one html parameter  tick
Front-end source code supplied, so you can completely customize the look and feel, and some of the functionality  Enterprise version only
Technical supportLimited supportUnlimited technical supportUnlimited technical support
Free trialFree BoardFree TrialFree Trial
DemoLive DemoLive DemoLive Demo