Groupboard Administrators Manual


To administer your Groupboard, simply click on your admin link (see your board registration email, or use the HTML generator) and enter your admin password at the prompt. If you have forgotten your password, please go to the forgotten password page.

Configuring your Groupboard

To configure how Groupboard appears on your web page (including width/height), simply visit the HTML/URL generator page.

Using Admin Functions

The admin functions will appear as buttons on the left hand side of the whiteboard when you log on as an admin. The following admin functions are available:

Ban Users

This brings up a window which allows you to ban certain IP addresses. Type the address to be banned into the text field, and then click Add. A '*' indicates a wildcard. e.g.:

192.22.12.* - bans anyone from subnet 192.22.12 - bans anyone from IP address

To find out the IP address of someone connected to the Whiteboard, use the Drawing Log (see below).

Banned addresses can be removed from the list by selecting the address and clicking Delete. You can search through the list for a particular IP address by entering the full address or just the beginning, and pressing Find.

If you click OK then the ban list will be saved. Clicking Cancel closes the dialog without saving the changes.

Note that simply adding an IP address to the ban list will NOT kick off any users who are currently logged on from that IP address.

You can also ban users by clicking on their name in the chat box and clicking on Ban - they will be immediately kicked off the board and their IP address will be added to the ban list.

Show Drawing Log

This allows you to see who is drawing on the Whiteboard. Each time a user draws, it displays the IP address, name, colour, and any text which was drawn (the name is taken from the chat window, so it will be blank if you don't have a chat window).

Disable Clear

Selecting this option prevents any users (except admin) from clearing the whiteboard. Clearing is enabled when the admin user who disabled it logs off.

Disable Loading

Selecting this option prevents any users (except admin) from loading or setting a background picture on the whiteboard. Loading is enabled when the admin user who disabled it logs off.

Disable Drawing

Selecting this option prevents any users (except admin) from drawing on the whiteboard. Drawing is enabled when the admin user who disabled it logs off.

Board Info

Displays usage information (the number of people visiting your board), and lets you modify information such as the board title, your email address, etc.

Deleting Pictures, etc.

When logged on as admin, you can delete pictures from the gallery (click on Load) and messages from the message board. Simply select the message/picture to delete and click on the Delete button in the appropriate dialog.

Uploading Background Pictures

To upload a background picture, just press the "Set Background" button, then click on the "Upload" button. You can then upload background images from your hard disk.

Displaying the gallery

You can put a link on your page which will list all of the saved pictures. Simply use the following link:

<a href="">gallery</a>

You can add parameters to set the size of the whiteboard when viewing the gallery, as follows:


You should set the board_width and board_height to be the same as for your Groupboard, and set the width and height slightly larger.

You can also add the draw_limit parameter if you have set that parameter for your main board ("&draw_limit=1000000"), and you can add "&xml=true" to download the gallery data in xml format.

If you are using Groupboard Designer, using the following link instead:

<a href="">gallery</a>

(where ID is the id of your groupboard.)

Groupboard mobile (iPhone/iPad/Android) apps

Groupboard can be accessed on iOS and Android devices - simply download the Groupboard App from the App Store or Google Play.

To connect to a particular Groupboard, you simply click on the Connect tab, then enter the board id. By default the size of the whiteboard will be the size of the device screen (with the resolution scaled up by 1x, 2x or 3x depending on the resolution of the device). You can launch the app with a specific whiteboard size by using the following URL:


(replace '1' with your board id. The parameters after '?' are optional).

If you connect using the ds.cgi or gb.cgi scripts, the user will automatically be asked if they want to launch the app, and it will be launched at the correct whiteboard size.

Groupboard API

For full details, see the Groupboard API.