How to use the Groupboard online whiteboard for tutoring

Draw and collaborate in real-time with your students using the Groupboard online whiteboard. Use an iPad, Chromebook, Linux, PC or Mac, with no downloads required. Add an Apple Pencil or Wacom tablet for fluid freehand writing and drawing.

Over 800,000 Groupboards have been created, and it is used by many online tutoring companies, schools and universities around the world for online tutoring and teaching, including MyTutor.

Frequently asked questions

An online whiteboard is a web-based drawing board which allows users to draw on their computer screen using a mouse or pen tablet, or on an iPad or Chromebook. Everyone who is connected to the same online whiteboard should see what everyone else draws in real-time.
The student and tutor would both connect to the same online whiteboard room. Usually this would simply involve clicking on a link in a web page, or in an email. If the whiteboard includes audio and video, then the student and tutor would be able to see and talk to each other, and draw together on the whiteboard.
There are three ways that students and tutors can work together:

  • The tutor can upload a worksheet (png, jpg, webp, gif or svg) or document (pdf, doc, xls, ppt) to the whiteboard, and the tutor and student can then annotate the document using the drawing tools.
  • The student can share their screen (or an individual window) with the tutor while working on a problem, and the tutor can view the student's screen and give feedback using the microphone.
  • The teacher and student can work on piece of writing together using the shared rich-text editor.
In the UK and USA there are no specific legal requirements for tutoring businesses. For more details see this post.
No, you can you your mouse to draw on the whiteboard. However, for fluid freehand text it is usually easier to use a graphics tablet such as Wacom, a touch screen laptop, or an iPad with a stylus. This makes it easier to draw freehand text, formulae, equations, etc.
Yes, with our Groupworld product you can have multiple sessions at the same time. For example, the 10-user licence allows up to 10 users to be connected at once, so you could have 5 x 1-1 tutoring sessions happening at once (all in separate rooms with their own whiteboard).

Groupworld is our most advanced online whiteboard, and is used by many tutoring companies such as MyTutor. Features include: document upload, infinite pages and whiteboard size, screen sharing, session recording, advanced API, math tutoring features (including Desmos graphing calculator), audio/video conferencing and YouTube video sharing.