Groupboard Frequently Asked Questions

See also the iPad/iPhone/Android FAQ

1. How do I put a free Groupboard on my own web page?

Click here to put a free Groupboard on your own web page.

2. Supported browsers

Groupboard will work on any modern browser, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and Safari. Groupboard also works on mobile devices such as iPod/iPhone, iPad and Android - you can either connect using a web browser, or you can use the Groupboard iPhone/iPad App or Groupboard Android App for a richer experience.

3. How do I connect to a particular board on an iPad/iPhone/Android device?

You can either click on the link for the board in your browser, or you can enter the board id (if you know it) in the Connect page of the app.

4. Why are other people connecting to the Groupboard I created on the iOS/Android app and how do I password-protect my ipad/iphone/android Groupboard?

By default the free boards on the apps are visible to all users. Simply untick the 'make board visible' tickbox in the 'board info' (in the admin tab), or add a password (also in 'board info'). If you don't see the admin tab, just create a new free board.

5. What languages does Groupboard support?

Unicode characters are fully supported in the chat and the whiteboard, so you can type in any language. Also, the user interface has been translated into Dutch, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Finnish, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Arabic.

6. How do I invite someone to my Groupboard

Simply email the person the link (URL) to your board.

7. Are the demo Groupboards moderated?

No. The demo Groupboards are just that — demos — so if you want a moderated Groupboard you will need to set up your own Groupboard. Having said that, the demo Groupboards are periodically monitored and anyone overly offensive is kicked off.

8. Why do some users have an '@' before their name?

This means that the user has admin privileges and can ban people from the board.

9. How do I print the contents of the whiteboard window?

You can either press the print button in your browser, or the print button in the menu (click the button at the top-left).

10. Can I use a graphics tablet with Groupboard?

Yes, you can use any graphics tablet with Groupboard if it works as a pointer device. Wacom and Huion graphics tablets work well with Groupboard. Note that you might need to untick "Support TabletPC" in the Huion settings, otherwise you might not be able to draw on the whiteboard.

11. How do I prevent my admins from changing the password?

We now have a "super admin password" feature, which allows you to set up a second admin password for your Groupboard. Only users logging in with this password can change the board info, and normal admins can only ban users and delete pictures/messages. If you have a paid-for Groupboard, contact us to set this up.

12. How do I upload background images/documents to the whiteboard?

Just click the "upload background" (or alternatively, click "set background" then click the Upload button). By default all users can upload background images, but your whiteboard can be configured to allow only admin users to upload (contact us to set this up). After uploading the image, it should automatically appear on the whiteboard. To load a previously uploaded image, simply click Set Background. The image will remain on the whiteboard until you set the BLANK background. Groupboard allows you to upload png, gif and jpeg images, while Groupboard Designer additionally allows you to upload pdf, tiff, doc, ppt and xls.

13. Why is there no undo button, drag+drop, or ability to move/delete elements?

Undo/move/delete are available in Groupboard Designer, and drag+drop (along with the other features) is available in Groupworld.

14. How do I ensure that users with different screen sizes see the same view of the whiteboard?

In Groupboard Designer, you can set the "multi_user_pan" and "auto_zoom" options for your whiteboard (add &multi_user_pan=true&auto_zoom=true to the URL).

15. What do I do if I experience slowness or lost connections to the server?

16. How do I cancel my Groupboard paypal subscription?

You can either log into your paypal account and cancel the subscription from there, or you can contact us and we can cancel it for you. You can cancel at any time and no further payments will be taken.

17. Why have I been banned from the Main demo board?

There are 3 reasons why you may be banned from the Main Groupboard demo:

When you are banned, your IP address will remain on the ban list until it moves off the end of the list, which usually takes a few months on the main board.

Please do not email us to ask for your IP address to be removed (unless you have been banned by mistake, or you are unsure why you are banned). You have only been banned from one Groupboard, so you can still use the other Groupboards.

There are no rules about what you will be banned for. It is up to the admins who are logged on at the time to decide if someone should be banned. We simply try to make the demo Groupboard a place where anyone can log on and draw or chat without being intimidated. Things which are likely to get you banned include:

You may get a warning instead of being banned, but this is at the discretion of the admin concerned.