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CONTENTS updates - transparency, auto-adjusting microphone volume, clickable links.
Firefox 3.6 and Chrome plugins.
Groupboard iPhone App now available.
MySQL integration available for enterprise products. updates - transparency, auto-adjusting microphone volume, clickable links

We have recently added a number of new features to, including:

To see these new features, just click on the following links (you may have to re-download the plugin in order to see the transparency feature):

Firefox 3.6 and Chrome plugins

Firefox recently changed the way that plugins work in Firefox 3.6, meaning that old plugins did not work at all. We have rewritten the and Groupboard Voice Conference plugins so that they now work on Firefox 3.6.

In addition, now also supports more browsers, including:

Groupboard iPhone App now available

You can now connect to Groupboard and Groupboard Designer on your iPhone or iPod Touch! Check out the new Groupboard App, which is available for free download from the App Store:

Or check out the posting on our forums:

MySQL integration available for enterprise products

A new feature we are offering at no extra charge with the enterprise versions of our products is the ability to directly integrate with a MySQL database. Please contact us for more details.

Get immediate updates on new features by following us on twitter and reading our forums: