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This is an occasional newsletter which is sent out to all registered Groupboard and customers a few times a year.


Get listed for free on our customers/examples pages!
New example with math icons and large video windows.
Hosted room manager.
Slow java problem fixed.
Multi-page functionality for Groupboard Designer.
Voice conferencing price reduction: now just $5/month!

Get listed for free on our customers/examples pages!

If you have an interesting use for our products, or if you are simply using Groupboard or for your business and you want a free link to your site, let us know and we can put a link on our Examples or Customers pages:

Please note that links are "nofollow" by default, which means you do not get any google pagerank benefit. However if you link back to on your site, we can give you a regular backlink. If you are already listed on our pages with a "nofollow" link, please let us know if you have linked to our site so that we can change it. And if you don't know what the heck "nofollow" means and would like to be listed, email us and we can explain.

New example with math icons and large video windows

Please check our our new demo which shows off some of the newer optional features, such as large video windows and math icon library (other icons can be added too):

If you have a hosted installation, you can add these features to your existing rooms or create new rooms with them enabled by using the new room manager (see below).

Hosted room manager

We have recently added a "room management" feature to the hosted admin page. Now when you log on to your admin page you will see all of the rooms that you have created, and you can easily change the configuration of each room. To log into your admin page, go to:

Slow java problem fixed

There has been a serious bug in all versions of java released in the last 6 months which causes all drawing operations to be about 100 times slower when using xor drawing mode (which we use for displaying the name of the user who is drawing on the whiteboard). As it appears that the bug is not going to be fixed any time soon by Sun, we have simply reworked the Groupboard java code to use a different drawing method.

Note that there is still a completely unrelated bug in the Mac OSX version of java which causes all off-screen drawing to be about 100 times slower. This is still an issue and the only workaround is for the user to alter their java parameters as described in the FAQ. (You will also get a pop-up message warning you if you haven't changed your java preferences).

Multi-page functionality for Groupboard Designer

We have recently released a new version of Groupboard Designer which includes multi-page functionality, allowing you to have multiple whiteboard pages and move between them. To see the new feature, go to the following page:

Groupboard Designer demo

The new version of Groupboard Designer also includes other bugfixes and new features, including:

Voice conferencing price reduction: now just $5/month!

In order to remain competitive, we have reduced the price of the voice conferencing add-on module for Groupboard and Groupboard Designer from $10/month to just $5/month for 15 users. To see a demo of the voice conferencing, click here:

Groupboard Voice Conference

Contact us if you would like to add voice to your Groupboard or Groupboard Designer board.