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This is an occasional newsletter which is sent out to all registered Groupboard and customers a few times a year.


New JavaScript user interface available.
New hosted version of Groupboard Designer.
Hebrew and Arabic versions of Groupboard.
Redesigned website.

New JavaScript user interface available

If you are running a version of Groupboard hosted from, you can now pick up the new graphical interface by using the following url:

and to access your admin board, use:

(replacing "x" with your own board id). If you have paid for a 15 or 100 user board, you can use the following url to get the larger whiteboard:

If you have installed Groupboard on your own server, you can also pick up the new JavaScript GUI by downloading the latest version from our ftp site. Contact us if you have any queries.

New hosted version of Groupboard Designer

The latest version of Groupboard Designer has been released, which has the ability to import AutoCAD DXF files and has an enhanced JavaScript based user interface.

We have also reduced the price of Groupboard Designer from $1000 to $750 for a 5 board license running on your own server. In addition, we now have a hosted version of Groupboard Designer for $199 per year. This version runs from our server, but you can still copy the HTML code onto your own website.

For more details, see:

Hebrew and Arabic versions of Groupboard

We now have new translations of the Groupboard available in Arabic and Hebrew, in addition to the existing languages (Spanish, French, Danish, Norwegian, German and Japanese). If you are running the Groupboard hosted from, you can pick up the translated versions by changing your codebase (in the HTML) from "java" to either:


If you are running the Internet/Intranet server version of the Groupboard, contact us to obtain the translated java class files.

Redesigned website

The website has been completely redesigned, and the new site has been running since May. If you have any comments or suggestions about the new site, please email us.