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Full-screen mode now available in Groupboard
HTML5 version of Groupboard Designer with select/move/undo
Improvements to free Groupboards
New Groupboard facebook app with snapshot to wall feature
Improvements to Groupworld iPad and Android apps
Enhanced Groupboard control panel

Full-screen mode now available in Groupboard

If you are using a browser that supports full-screen (currently Safari, Chrome or Firefox), you can now use Groupboard in full-screen mode - just click the full-screen icon at the top-right of the whiteboard.

To see a demo, go to:

HTML5 version of Groupboard Designer with select/move/undo

We recently updated the html5/ajax version of Groupboard Designer so that it now includes all of the Groupboard Designer features including undo/redo, select/move/delete, gridlines and DXF import. This means that you can now use Groupboard Designer on any html5-compliant web browser without needing to install java (including on iPad and Android). To try a demo, go to:

Groupboard Designer html5/ajax demo

You can access the html5/ajax version of your own hosted Groupboard by adding &ajax=true to the link.

Improvements to free Groupboards

In order to make the free Groupboard more useful, we have removed some limitations from it, including:

The paid-for boards still have the following benefits over the free Groupboard:

New Groupboard facebook app

If you are on facebook, try out the new Groupboard facebook app:

The new facebook app has a larger whiteboard, uses html5 (so no java required, and works on iPad and Android), and has a 'snapshot' feature allowing you to save your drawings instantly to your facebook wall!

Just go to the app and you will instantly have your own free Groupboard that you can invite friends to draw on.

Improvements to Groupworld iPad and Android Tablet apps

We have been working on the iPad and Android Tablet versions of Groupworld to improve stability and fix bugs. Both apps are now stable with zero known bugs. To try Groupworld on your iPad or Android device:

Download Groupworld iPad app

Download Groupworld Android Tablet App

Enhanced Groupboard control panel

We recently updated the Groupboard control panel (available to customers of paid-for hosted Groupboards), so that it now remembers the settings you enter when configuring your Groupboard. To try it out, just log on to the customer control panel:

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