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This is an occasional newsletter which is sent out to all registered Groupboard and customers a few times a year.


Windows Vista compatibility.
"Lost connection to server" errors.
Groupboard facebook application launched.
New Explorer style upload dialog for Groupworld.

Windows Vista compatibility

Both Groupboard and should run out of the box on Windows Vista without any problems. Some customers have had problems with Windows Vista due to their security settings. If you get errors such as "cannot chdir to Groupworld directory", you should either uncheck "enable protected mode" in your internet explorer security options, or (preferably) add to your "trusted sites".

If you have any other issues with Windows Vista, please contact us.

"Lost connection to server" errors

Since moving to our new server in April, we have had zero downtime (network or otherwise), so "connection lost" messages should hopefully be very rare. It you encounter these messages frequently, it could be due to an idle timeout on your internet router. Some routers come pre-configured with a very low timeout of around 5 minutes, meaning they will kill any internet connections that have been idle for more than 5 minutes.

In we have implemented a 55-second "keepalive" by default, which means that the connection will never be idle long enough to get killed. If you are using the hosted version of, your conference rooms will automatically have this update.

We do not have any "keepalive" option for Groupboard or Groupboard Designer, although it is explained in the FAQ how to rectify the issue by configuring your internet router:

Contact us if you require further information, or if this is an issue.

Groupboard facebook application launched.

We have recently launched a Groupboard facebook application, allowing you to embed a multi-user whiteboard into your facebook page. No registration or installation is required, and we can link your existing Groupboard to your facebook page if you already have a paid-for board. To add the Groupboard application to your facebook page, go to:

New Explorer style upload dialog for Groupworld.

Previously only allowed you to upload from your C: drive or a specified filepath. We have now changed the upload dialog to an Explorer style file browser allowing you to easily upload from any drive or directory. If you are using the hosted version of, you will just need to delete the old activex control or run this .exe to force an upgrade: