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This is an occasional newsletter which is sent out to all registered Groupboard and customers a few times a year.


50% price reduction for upgrading Groupboards.
Webmaster hints and tips.
Multi-player games now available!
Multi-lingual versions of Groupboard.
Javascript functions.
Features available to registered users.

50% price reduction for upgrading Groupboards

We have now implemented an online credit/debit card payment system and as a special offer we are taking 50% off the price of purchasing a 15 or 100 user Groupboard for the month of June.

This means that a 15 user board now costs just $50 for the first year, and a 100 user board costs $125. These prices only apply to newly upgraded boards, and only apply for the first year.

As well as increasing the number of users from 5 to either 15 or 100, purchasing an upgraded board also gives you the ability to increase the size of the whiteboard and have more saved pictures and messages. For more information, go to:

Webmaster hints and tips

Extended colour palette: you can now have an extra 216 colours on your whiteboard by adding the following html tag:

<param name=extended_palette value=true>

Drawing user: you can make your whiteboard display the name of the user who is drawing by adding the following html tag:

<param name=display_drawing_user value=true>

Board size: you can reduce the size of the border around the Groupboard by altering the values of the WIDTH and HEIGHT tags in the html code. Also, to change the colour of the background, you can add the following tags:

<param name=background_red value=255> <param name=background_green value=255> <param name=background_blue value=255>

The above would set the background to white, but you can change it to any other colour by altering the values of the red, green and blue. Note that all three of the parameters must be used.

Multi-player games now available!

Over the last few months we have been developing a number of multi-player games for the Groupboard. These are now available, and you can add games to your own board by choosing the "games" tickbox in the Board Info dialog. To see a demo of the games, go to:

(this has the games together with chat, but you can also have games alongside the whiteboard).


TalkWorld is a multi-user 3D chat program which allows you to talk to other people using a microphone. It is completely free, and you can download the software (for Windows 95/98/NT/2000) by going to:

Multi-lingual versions of Groupboard

We are condering translating the Groupboard into other languages. If you would be interested in using a non English language version, or if you would be able to help us in the actual translation, please email us to register your interest. We currently have French and Danish versions, with other European languages coming soon.

Javascript functions

We have added a number of functions to enable the Groupboard to be controlled from javascript. You can now add the following html tag to remove the existing GUI:

<param name=hide_gui value=true>

You can then control the Groupboard from html using javascript. A full list of the javascript functions available is listed at:

Features available to registered users

The following Groupboard features are available to users who have purchased a 15 or 100 user upgraded Groupboard. Please email us if you are interested in any of these: